A Dissection of Bitcoin

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Currencies Vs Applications: 5 Differences Between Bitcoin and DApps

This is essentially a dust attack on the network. And because transactions are structured in wallets, more complex designs are needed.

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In contrast, in the Account model, each account can be viewed as a separate, non-influential state machine that communicates through messages. So in theory, when users initiate multiple transactions, transactions can be executed concurrently when they do not call the same Account to each other. Ethereum uses the method of adding nonce to Account, one for each transaction, and one for each increment. Although this method is intended to solve the problem of replay, it also introduces the sequential problem and makes the transaction unable to be parallel.

For example, in Ethereum, users send multiple transactions, and if the first transaction fails to pack, it will cause subsequent transactions to pack unsuccessfully. Because in the UTXO model, the state can only be saved in the transaction. In Block, only consensus StateRoot and so on are needed.

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In this way, for the data on the chain, the Account model is actually smaller, the amount of network transmission is smaller, and the state is saved locally by MPT, which is more efficient in spatial use. For example, if two Inputs and two Outputs are assumed to exist in UTXO, two Witness scripts and two Locking scripts are required; in the Account model, only one signature is required, and the transaction content contains only the amount of money.

For example, in a wallet, all UTXOs about an address need to be requested from the whole node. Citations Publications citing this paper. Are Bitcoin bubbles predictable? Evidence from the MT.

Everything you always wanted to know about bitcoin modelling but were afraid to ask

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But how does bitcoin actually work?

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A Dissection of Bitcoin A Dissection of Bitcoin
A Dissection of Bitcoin A Dissection of Bitcoin
A Dissection of Bitcoin A Dissection of Bitcoin
A Dissection of Bitcoin A Dissection of Bitcoin
A Dissection of Bitcoin A Dissection of Bitcoin

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