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We work with a large variety of practice management software. Each software application is different and each version has its particular nuances. We often work with vendors and specific integrators and support specialists to handle data within an office. Because we are IT Specialists, we have the most well-rounded understanding of computers, servers, networks, wiring, and routers to promote efficiency and security for your medical practice.

Often times, the practice management software vendor blames problems on computers and the network. It is our job to troubleshoot issues and determine what can be done to help make the practice management software work seamlessly on the network where it resides.

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Patient data must be secure. Also, it is important that the File Server have encryption on the data drives. Having encrypted hard drives makes sure that no data pulled from the drives is readable. More often than not, we run into basic, simple routers and firewalls at many physician offices.

This does not mean your network is inherently unsafe, but these basic firewalls do not provide extensive and active firewall protection services. It is very important that security services run on business-class routers to best protect against malware, viruses, and ransomware to keep them from invading the medical practice and extorting client data. We often suggest the replacement of any off-the-shelf router and firewall with a secure model — typically by WatchGuard.

The secure WatchGuard routers that we provide are excellent for protecting your medical office practice. These routers also do content filtering, making sure no inappropriate content is going through the internet by users of the network. Secure email services are everywhere at large medical practices. Patients must login to read messages sent by medical staff and doctors. Using secure email gives your practice the ultimate in private email messaging.

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By using private email messaging, you can be assured your patients know that you are using technology to protect their private correspondence with you. We understand that there are critical machines in the office that the practice relys on to provide scheduled services to patients. We understand that technical service on a particular machine can be needed on an immediate basis to make sure the practice stays operational. You can depend on SDCC to do our best to prioritize service for your practice.

We always provide support as rapidly as possilbe to make sure there is no disruption to your business. We can easily work with vendors of any specialty machines to make sure they are operational and functioning properly. We understand that picture data can be very large. There are many new technologies including Solid State Drives that can easily speed up processing of photographic data. This speed and reliability can improve productivity in any medical office. Whether is it VPN, Windows Remote Desktop, Terminal Server, or other remote solutions, we can provide an encrypted solution to make sure that all data is safe and secure.

The 2-Step verification adds an extra layer of security by forcing a second login password that is texted or mobile app enabled to your smartphone. Second Step Remote Access is becoming more of a requirement for many firms. This solution is similar to Dropbox, but is more secure and private for your firm. Whether it is a full or partial cloud product, we will do our best to tailor a solution to fit your requirements. We take pride in offering well thought out, smart solutions at a reasonable price.

We have all full-time support staff with availability to take care of any IT issues at your place of business. We do our best to work within your budget to make sure we create a support plan that fits your needs. We are not there to pontificate or talk at our customers. We provide an IT support solution that works so that we can be the IT branch of your office — working alongside your staff and environment.

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Computer Applications to Private Office Practice Computer Applications to Private Office Practice
Computer Applications to Private Office Practice Computer Applications to Private Office Practice
Computer Applications to Private Office Practice Computer Applications to Private Office Practice
Computer Applications to Private Office Practice Computer Applications to Private Office Practice
Computer Applications to Private Office Practice Computer Applications to Private Office Practice
Computer Applications to Private Office Practice Computer Applications to Private Office Practice

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