Everyone Loves A Good Drought

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What a sham!!!

The Everyday Lives of Everyday People: Journalism from below in the digital age

I completely echo your sentiments and concern here. My parents have adopted a few unfortunate street urchins and provide for their education and basic necessities. Through their accounts, I have a vivid picture of the state of pathetic and abject poverty in the rural areas, coupled with the torture and humiliation meted out on them. Some of them have even stopped believing that they are human beings And it is not in one state Dear Ramana, It is indeed a pity that the so-called flat world, globalization etc etc has not reached so many people Post a Comment.

I bought the book only a few weeks back.

Everyone loves a good drought: Book review

As I began to read, I was numbed to the point of depression. The book is a compilation of articles Sainath penned during , when on a Times of India fellowship he has toured some of the poorest districts in the country to know how the poorest of the poor citizens of free India eke out a living in rural areas. While each article focuses on an individual or a small group, it becomes clear to the reader that there are millions and millions of people in villages under similar conditions.

Sainath takes head on the myth being spread by the government and the media that poverty is at least receding in India. Sainath dispels the myth in this compelling account of the realities of rural poverty.

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In a style that avoids sensationalism and sticking to the facts through well-researched accounts of the living conditions of the majority of Indians, Sainath brings out the apathy, idiocy and gross injustice of the government machinery to the open. And the incredible courage with which the poor battle to lead a life with dignity.

Everybody Loves a Good Drought is full of insights into what is wrong with existing development processes in highly inequitable poor societies. The book is divided into sections and each article is a story. There is a story of a super hi- tech coal mining project in one of the most backward regions- Godda in Bihar, which creates jobs for not more than people- many of them from outside the region.

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The mine destroys the lives of people living in 12 villages. Another article brings out how in a loan mela cows were given to a tribe not realizing that the tribe does not consume milk products at all but consumes beef. The cows ended up as dinner and the members of the tribe in a life long debt trap.

Everyone loves a good drought: Book review

For reading in , this book is old. Published in , it is essentially a collection of articles written during a journalism fellowship between and So, the data is old. Some of the developments people wished for mid-day meals in schools, for example are more widespread. But what is also unfortunately true is that the stories have not changed.

The one complaint I have is that the book is simply a bunch of newspapers articles collected and printed together. Some additional information has been provided by the author here and there.

Everyone Loves A Good Drought Everyone Loves A Good Drought
Everyone Loves A Good Drought Everyone Loves A Good Drought
Everyone Loves A Good Drought Everyone Loves A Good Drought
Everyone Loves A Good Drought Everyone Loves A Good Drought
Everyone Loves A Good Drought Everyone Loves A Good Drought

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