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Recensie s This is a book packed with ideas and a treasure trove of empirical examples and anecdotes. It will surely propel the debate about norms in the social sciences and philosophy. One particular strength of the book is the tight interaction between theory and practice.

Booksellers and librarians will have a hard time deciding whether this book goes into the 'Economics', 'Politics', 'Sociology' or 'Philosophy section. It probably belongs in all four. In fact, Explaining Norms should be read widely by scholars and students of those and other disciplines. The outcome is an extremely rich and comprehensive study of norms, their nature, function, genealogy, and explanatory significance; it puts forward an account that is as careful in detail as it is impressive in scope.

There are a lot of ideas here. Perhaps this is predictable, given that the work is a product of four capable minds. What is surprising is the range of ideas and arguments on which the authors manage to agree and out of which they construct one reasonably cohesive account.

There are insightful discussions throughout, which include nice observations about bad norms, and how we might model internalizing and following norms. It is certainly a significant contribution to the emerging, and important, literature on norms. The authors present compelling arguments for accepting or rejecting various theories about norms.

Social norm

The reader can easily follow which theory the authors are arguing for because the chapters and sections come with concise introductions that summarize the important points made in the previous chapter or section. I would recommend this book to readers who are interested in learning more about norms but who are unfamiliar with the literature, such as undergraduate students, because it gives a comprehensive account and provides a good introduction.

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Bindwijze: Hardcover. Verkoop door bol. In winkelwagen Op verlanglijstje. Gratis verzending 30 dagen bedenktijd en gratis retourneren Ophalen bij een bol. Anderen bekeken ook. Robert E. Goodin Explaining Norms 30, Hechter and Opp includes introductory chapters that discuss norms generally, as well as substantive chapters that focus on specific norms. Bicchieri defines and explains norms.

Finally, Mollborn discusses norm sets in the context of teen sexual behavior. Bicchieri, Cristina. The grammar of society: The nature and dynamics of social norms. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Univ.


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Relies on game theory and experimental evidence to explain norms. Elster, Jon. The cement of society: A study of social order. DOI: The book focuses on social order; one chapter pp. Elster argues that norms are shared and sustained through social sanctions. He distinguishes social norms from morals, laws, conventions, personal rules, habits, tradition, and psychological salience, and he provides empirical examples of norms. In The Oxford handbook of analytical sociology.

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Oxford: Oxford Univ. Distinguishes social norms from moral norms, quasi-moral norms triggered by observing the behavior of others , legal norms, and conventions. Discusses the role of contempt and indignation on the part of third parties, and shame and guilt of the deviant.

Social Norms

Analyzes widespread norms, including those regulating rate-busting in the workplace, tipping, and standing in line. Hechter, Michael, and Karl-Dieter Opp, eds. Social norms. New York: Russell Sage Foundation.

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In addition to an introductory chapter by the editors, four chapters provide perspectives on norms from sociology, the legal academy, economics, and game theory. Subsequent empirical chapters provide illustrations and analyses of a range of substantive norms, including norms in journalism, social movements, sex and marriage, and national self-determination. Mollborn, Stefanie. Mixed messages: Norms and social control around teen sex and pregnancy. New York: Oxford Univ.

Develops the concept of norm sets and discusses norm rationales and norm conflict as well as strategies used by norm enforcers and norm targets. Describes how norms are communicated and navigated in families, schools, communities, and peer groups. Focuses on the empirical context of teen sexual behavior and pregnancy. Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content on this page.

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Explaining Norms Explaining Norms
Explaining Norms Explaining Norms
Explaining Norms Explaining Norms
Explaining Norms Explaining Norms
Explaining Norms Explaining Norms
Explaining Norms Explaining Norms
Explaining Norms Explaining Norms
Explaining Norms Explaining Norms
Explaining Norms

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