Hard Sayings of the Bible

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Fix that problem! Ligonier Ministries The teaching fellowship of R. Close Your Cart Loading Search Home Learn. Article Obeying God or Man? Sproul Sinclair Ferguson W. Sproul R. Sproul Books That Influenced R. You may listen to the first lecture in this series for free Or, purchase this entire series as a bundle Or, purchase lectures individually. Playlist: Select a Lecture to Play 1. Without Form and Void 2. The Sons of God 3. Created in Six Days Part The Hardening of Pharaoh's Heart 6. Rahab's Lie 7.

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Holy War 8. Strange Fire 9.

Will a Man Rob God? The Man Born Blind The Rapture of the Church Nope throw that out too, the Dead Sea kind of says otherwise. So what is left? We need to reformulate our thinking. A psalm that speaks of perfect hate I believe it is was not only valid back in OT. No, Heaven and Earth might pass but not His word. We need to look into the justice aspect of God, something not done enough today. True love of God will bring hatred towards evil. And please, for those with the mentality of abortion ending or world hunger and education will save the world, sorry but only effects of greater more complex evils.

He promised Hell can do nothing against Her.

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Even if the Church got to a point that it seemed dead, never will it be. It will have always some of Her faithful sons and daughters to be paladins in this battle against evil. God will intervene. In fact He will release Nature, who for our offenses against the Order of the Universe, seeks revenge against us. Nature claims vengance, but it is God who in His mercy holds it back. This is more the cause of things like Global Warming and tsunamis than others.

And climatic chastisement is not the only thing. War, pests and hunger, metaphysical punishments. But after our due paddling, we are docile and God grants graces so big that it will generate saints that will leave the others of the past like a shrub next to a redwood giant. Louis called it the Reign of Mary. That is the Her triumph. That is what the world will convert into. But this world has no solution. So let us pray to see the Resurection while we cross dark days. Kind of late to chime in here. However, while located in a particular context, theses definitions point to a universal definition applicable to all cultures for all times.

In this development, certains parts of our definitions may have to change and develop and here is the kicker certains parts will be negated and even overruled.

Hard Sayings of the Bible

The Church Fathers were ever apt to point out the very real historical developments of heresies. However, even truth has a history. God orders that an entire area be decimated, including infants and children before the age of reason. How is this different from Hiroschima, which was condemned by the Catholic Church? Your proposed answer to how we can reconcile a child living through that horror is that God will compensate them for what God ordered to happen to them?

God is not supposed to need to compensate anyone for an action He ordered against them something they did not agree to because God is not supposed to err. If I rob someone, even giving them x the money I stole does not compensate them because they never agreed to be violated in such a matter in the first place. In one fell swoop God could have wiped out the city, granting immediate death and none of that additional suffering. How is this suffering, commanded by God, compatible with an omnimax perfect God that could have easily made the suffering that He commanded never happen in the first place?

The argument that the culture of the time accepted that does not make sense. Truth, justice, good, and evil, are timeless. If something is evil today then it was evil years ago, even if it was accepted by a culture. God had the means to easily do things differently. When a person, any person, dies, we all hope that they died quickly, to be spared needless pain of the body and mind.

Its like hearing that a kidnapper raped a child before killing them. But this is actually worse. Its suffering because of what God commanded. Aleii, you ought to try reading the posts before posting. Aleii, You do know every human being is cursed from the instant we are concieved as a result of Original Sin right?

And you do know the consequences of a person dying in that curse right? Eternity in Hell? Chosir Madame. Dunno, but I take Limbo. Lot cooler. And less populated. And he is a sure comforter, who as he said unto his disciples never leaveth his servants comfortless orphans, not even when he departed from his disciples by death. And therefore, if you be part of his flock and believe his promise, how can you be comfortless in any tribulation, when Christ and his Holy Spirit, and with them their inseparable Father, if you put full trust and confidence in them, are never either one finger-breadth of space nor one minute of time from you?

Mary — here, let me shorten it for you since it appears you have severe difficulty in digesting long quotes: If you put full trust in God, He is never one finger-breadth of space nor one minute of time far away from you. I thought you had a background in law.


God bless! Thanks for your reactions. Please, address them in detail. Which premises are false? Are not the conclusions probable with respect to the premises?

I think the premise 4 is the key. Your objections seem to me to not to deal with this premise. But 4 is also prima facie plausible.

Thus, we have these two propositions, 4 and 6 , which are intuitively just as plausible, but incompatible. And this, in the first stage of our inquiry, results in epistemic stalemate.

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Secondly, in the next stage of inquiry, 4 seems to me to be more plausible and probable than 6. I grant God can do it when some of those two conditions is satisfied; e. Please, note that when I say the boy is innocent, I mean he does not have actual sins. Finally, the case of Isaac is epistemically different because it is not clear that Isaac satisfied the condition a.

But it is clear that the Canaanite or Amalakite small boys suffered a lot.

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Hard Sayings of the Bible Hard Sayings of the Bible
Hard Sayings of the Bible Hard Sayings of the Bible
Hard Sayings of the Bible Hard Sayings of the Bible
Hard Sayings of the Bible Hard Sayings of the Bible
Hard Sayings of the Bible Hard Sayings of the Bible
Hard Sayings of the Bible Hard Sayings of the Bible
Hard Sayings of the Bible Hard Sayings of the Bible

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