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Packard said:. My 7th grade English teacher was wrong?! Next you'll be telling me that spaghetti does not grow on trees. Biffo Senior Member England.

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When I get a phone call and the caller says, "May I speak to Packard? My schooling says "If you were I. This is my estimation. Please correct me if I am wrong: If you were me, More used If you were I, Less used If you were him, Less used If you were he, More used If you were them, Less used If you were they, More used If you were her, Less used If you were she, More used.

I think it would be simpler and reasonably accurate to see "If you were I, One wouldn't say "If he were he If one had been talking about John one might say "If he were David he would drive to London, but he can't drive". Or "If David were him he would have already proposed to Sally". Even so it probably more obvious if one named both John and David. If I use first or second person pronouns it is obvious to whom one refers, with the third person it is not the case. PaulQ said:. The verb "to be" does not take the objective case Keith Bradford said:.

Including me. Last edited: Feb 27, I worry that we may get off topic if we become too general but I'll return to the point at the end of this post. Suppose we wish to say "I am not the one who is wounded". Consider the following: a "It is not I who am wounded.

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Both a and b can be parsed in a logical fashion whereas c and d cannot. Before tackling the subjunctive e. You are me. Correct You are I. Incorrect You am I. Correct I are you. Therefore we should and do say: If I were you. If you were me. If he were her OR If he was she. Biffo said:. Pedro y La Torre said:. I have never, ever heard anyone say, "If you were I". As far as I know, the gerund form always takes a possessive adjective and not an objective pronoun although I'm absolutely sure that most of the time native speakers use such a construction, they prefer the object pronoun.

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I'm quite sure there already are some threads on this subject but I want to ask about your opinion anyway. What about formally?

If You Were Me (And I Were You)

In letters? Most speakers of English tend to put the nominative case pronouns at the left-hand side of the clause, in "subjective" territory before the verb, and objective case pronouns at the right-hand side of the clause, in "objective" territory after it. Apparently the pressure of this habit is so great that it overwhelms the Standard Formal pattern for the special class of verbs called linking or copulative verbs, wherein It is she is required, at least by rule, rather than It's her, or where This is he is needed, not This is him.

Episode 2. Now she begins to like a church boy who can help her.

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Upon finding this boy, who she opens her mind to, she wants to buy him a video camera no matter how. One day, she happens to follow behind to surprise him, only to realize his truth. Episode 3. Dae-woo avoids contacting with her, however, by saying that Dae-woo is tired and believes Ho-jung is only being peevish. Is this what this husband wants for a role?

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Episode 4. Believing he is interested in English, she loves to invite his classmates from English class where a native English speaker teaches.

Jimin (지민), Yuna (유나) of AOA – 니가 나라면 (If You Were Me) (Feat. Hwe Seung (유회승) of N.Flying)

As soon as a foreign girlfriend of Kyung-soo arrives, the exciting party air starts to be broken. Everyone gets shocked by her dark skin.

vahyfobi.tk Episode 5. After performing some tunes together, they become close and special friends and practice at the band room until night.

AOA JIMIN & Yuna ft. 유회승-'If You Were Me'(Hwayugi/A Korean Odyssey OST, Part 5)[Han-Rom-Eng lyrics]

One day, their classmates find them playing together and a rumor spreads that they are gay and in love with each other. Ma-taik stands at the crossroads of choosing either to follow their friendship and to be alone at school or to betray this friendship to survive at school. What will he choose to do?

If You Were Me If You Were Me
If You Were Me If You Were Me
If You Were Me If You Were Me
If You Were Me If You Were Me
If You Were Me If You Were Me
If You Were Me If You Were Me
If You Were Me If You Were Me
If You Were Me If You Were Me

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