Mountain Wild (Mills & Boon Historical)

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Fourteen years ago a terrified young Maggie Grace fled into the wilderness of the Wyoming mountains, where she has lived alone, fighting for survival, ever since. Until she finds cowboy Garret Daines lying unconscious in a blizzard. Snowbound in Maggie's cabin, sharing the only bed with this beautiful, wild woman, brings Garret's body—and guarded heart—pulsing back to life.

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Garret is the only man ever to show Maggie any kindness, and the walls around her heart begin to crumble. But this wildcat won't let herself be easily tamed…. That's right! Can you handle it?

Mountain Wild (Mills & Boon Historical): First edition – Mills & Boon UK

Put on your excitement gloves and find out Princess Gabriella was a fierce woman. In she was involved in an unusual safari disaster. As the big round orange sun set over the mountains that looked like tits Gabriella sipped a strawberry nesquick and took a load off in a luxury adjustable reclining chair on the spacious balcony of the Glassphere Palace looking over the mining town of Womber Sores that her family ruled in a cruel way.

But all was not well with Gabriella. Something was missing.

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She needed romance. She needed it like a plant needs water, like ice skaters need leotards, like a kite needs a handle. Gabriella needed romance loads.

She called out to her butler Raoul who was by her side within seconds because he'd actually been behind her for ages. The sound of his aquamarine crocs squeaking on the marble flooring alerted her to his bold and enigmatic presence. Gabriella turned her sexy head that had her eyes in it and drank in Raoul like a thirsty man sucking on the udder of a cow.

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His skin was the colour of an erotic old garden pot and his long, red dreadlocks swayed in the wind, occasionally settling on his throbbing muscular chest which heaved his solid steel dreamcatcher necklace against a frayed denim waistcoat. Unusual attire for a butler but Raoul wasn't just any butler.

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He was a rebel butler; a deaf mute with a facial scar and an attitude from Argentina the 'country of meat. To Gabriella Raoul represented everything she wanted and everything she couldn't have; freedom, independence the ability to chose her own clothes. But she was a Princess, heir to the Glassphere fortune bound to the constrictive rules of her family and Raoul was her lowly servant.

Their union was as forbidden as the love between a man and a sandwich toaster or a dead person. Gabriella shook off her desire as if it were sand in a crevice, remembered his low societal status and chastised him for a minor spillage in the sitting room. Raoul's silence was deafening. Could it be that he felt the same?

The Princess leapt toward him and their eyes met like two business associates at a conference who haven't seen each other since the last conference. His eyes were deep and soulful like Stevie Wonder singing in a cavern.

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She paused for a moment. What would her Mother The Queen do if she found out her desires? She had always warned her against becoming close in a romance way with the staff. Raoul made a wheezing sound from his nose and it was in that seductive moment that she couldn't pretend any more, she had to have him, she wanted his long fingernails through her hair, that one bushy eyebrow against her lips, how badly she wanted to unclasp his Quicksilver brand belt and pull down those cut off dungarees.

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The breakthrough in Pilcher's career came in , when she wrote the family saga, The Shell Seekers , her fourteenth novel. Keeling's life was not extraordinary, but it spans "a time of huge importance and change in the world. Pilcher retired from writing in Her books are especially popular in Germany because the national television station ZDF Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen has produced more than a hundred of her stories for television, starting with The Day of the Storm in These television films are some of the most popular programmes on ZDF.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rosamunde Scott Pilcher.

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Retrieved 7 February — via www. Retrieved 8 February — via www. The Guardian. Retrieved 14 February Wilson, p.

Mountain Wild (Mills & Boon Historical) Mountain Wild (Mills & Boon Historical)
Mountain Wild (Mills & Boon Historical) Mountain Wild (Mills & Boon Historical)
Mountain Wild (Mills & Boon Historical) Mountain Wild (Mills & Boon Historical)
Mountain Wild (Mills & Boon Historical) Mountain Wild (Mills & Boon Historical)
Mountain Wild (Mills & Boon Historical) Mountain Wild (Mills & Boon Historical)
Mountain Wild (Mills & Boon Historical) Mountain Wild (Mills & Boon Historical)

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