The Black Book (Inspector Rebus, Book 5)

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Struggling through another Edinburgh winter Rebus finds himself sucked into a web of intrigue that throws up more questions than answers. Was the Lord Provost's daughter kidnapped or just another runaway? Why is a city councillor shredding documents that should have been waste paper years ago? Sucked into the machine that is modern Scotland, Rebus confronts the fact that some of his enemies may be beyond justice Rebus is juggling four cases trying to nail one killer - who might just lead back to the infamous Bible John.

And he's doing it under the scrutiny of an internal inquiry led by a man he has just accused of taking backhanders from Glasgow's Mr Big. As if this wasn't enough, there are TV cameras at his back investigating a miscarriage of justice, making Rebus a criminal in the eyes of a million or more viewers. Just one mistake is likely to mean an unpleasant and not particularly speedy death or, worse still, losing his job.

DI Rebus is buried under a pile of paperwork but an escalating dispute between the upstart Tommy Telford and Big Ger Cafferty's gang gives Rebus an escape clause. Telford is known to have close links with a Chechen gangster bringing refugees into Britain as prostitutes.

When Rebus takes under his wing a distraught Bosnian call girl, it gives him a personal reason to make sure Telford goes back to Paisley and pronto. Stalking a poisoner at the local zoo, Inspector John Rebus comes across a paedophile taking pictures of children. When the social workers claim he is there for legitimate educational reasons, Rebus is faced with a dilemma - should he be outed to protect local kids or given a chance to start anew?

As the locals begin a hate campaign, Rebus gets a call from the past: The son of a friend has gone missing, and no one else will make time to ask the right questions. Edinburgh is about to become the home of the first Scottish parliament in years. As political passions run high, DI John Rebus is charged with liaison, thanks to the new parliament being resident in Queensbury House, bang in the middle of his patch. But Queensbury House has its own, dark past. Legend has it that a young man was roasted there on a spit by a madman.

When the fireplace where the youth died is uncovered another more recent murder victim is found.

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A student has gone missing in Edinburgh - completely out of character. She's not just any student, though, but the daughter of extremely well-to-do and influential bankers. There's almost nothing to go on until Detective Inspector John Rebus gets an unmistakable gut feeling that there's more to this than just another runaway spaced out on unaccustomed freedom or worse.

Rebus is off the case - literally. A few days into the murder inquiry of an Edinburgh art dealer, Rebus blows up at a colleague. Rebus is assigned to an old, unsolved case, but there are those in his team who have their own secrets - and they'll stop at nothing to protect them. Rebus is also asked to act as a go-between for gangster 'Big Ger' Cafferty. A shooting incident at a private school just north of Edinburgh.

Two year olds killed by an ex-Army loner who has gone off the rails.

As Detective Inspector John Rebus puts it, 'there's no mystery' This question takes Rebus into the heart of a shattered community. Ex-Army himself, Rebus becomes fascinated by the killer, andfinds he is not alone.

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Army investigators are on the scene, and won't be shaken off. The killer had friends and enemies to spare - ranging from civic leaders to the local Goths - leaving behind a legacy of secrets and lies. An illegal immigrant is found murdered in an Edinburgh housing scheme: a racist attack or something else? Rebus is drawn into the case but has other problems: his old police station has closed, and his masters would rather he retire than stick around.

As Rebus investigates, he must visit an asylum seekers' detention centre, deal with the sleazy Edinburgh underworld and maybe even fall in love Siobhan has problems of her own. A murder has been committed - but as the victim was a rapist, recently released from prison, no one is too concerned about the crime. When Rebus also starts looking into the apparent suicide of an MP, he is abruptly warned off the case, not least because the G8 leaders have gathered in Scotland, and Rebus's bosses want him well out of the way.

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It's late autumn in Edinburgh and late autumn in the career of Detective Inspector Rebus. As he tries to tie up some loose ends before retirement, a murder case intrudes.

Ian Rankin - John Rebus 05 - The Black Book

A dissident Russian poet has been found dead in what looks like a mugging gone wrong. By apparent coincidence, a delegation of Russian businessmen is in town - and everyone is determined that the case should be closed quickly and clinically. Its 25 years since John Rebus appeared on the scene, and 5 years since he retired.

Not only is Rebus as stubborn and anarchic as ever, but he finds himself in trouble with Rankin's latest creation, Malcolm Fox of Edinburgh's internal affairs unit. Added to which, Rebus may be about to derail the career of his ex-colleague Siobhan Clarke, while himself being permanently derailed by mob boss and old adversary Big Ger Cafferty. But all Rebus wants to do is discover the truth about a series of seemingly unconnected disappearances Sunday Times number-one best seller Ian Rankin returns with his gripping new Rebus novel.

Rebus is back on the force, albeit with a demotion and a chip on his shoulder. A year-old case is being reopened, and Rebus' team from back then is suspected of foul play. With Malcolm Fox as the investigating officer, are the past and present about to collide in a shocking and murderous fashion?

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Black Book #5 Rebus

Edition: First Edition List Price: -. Condition is Very good, please see photos. Condition is Good. Blood Hunt by Rankin, Ian. Condition is Very Good. Occasionally they take longer than this. Local pick up is available. Exit Music.

Hide and Seek. Tooth and Nail.

The Black Book (Inspector Rebus, #5) by Ian Rankin

There is a slim possibility that a title or two from the list may be unavailable, but that is uncommon. Size of book and cover art may vary. Dead Souls. Naming of the Dead. Beggars Banquet. Rankin Ian. Book is in Very good condition throughout. Book Condition:Very Good. This hardcover book is in good condition with a few scuff marks to the dust jacket.

This book is pages long.

The Black Book (Inspector Rebus, Book 5) The Black Book (Inspector Rebus, Book 5)
The Black Book (Inspector Rebus, Book 5) The Black Book (Inspector Rebus, Book 5)
The Black Book (Inspector Rebus, Book 5) The Black Book (Inspector Rebus, Book 5)
The Black Book (Inspector Rebus, Book 5) The Black Book (Inspector Rebus, Book 5)
The Black Book (Inspector Rebus, Book 5) The Black Book (Inspector Rebus, Book 5)
The Black Book (Inspector Rebus, Book 5) The Black Book (Inspector Rebus, Book 5)

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