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The Figurehead

Objective: by Now, the concept is available as standard. And for custom orders. In terms Education, eco-improvement of an existing product or the development of The leading cosmetics packaging provider is paving the way for recycled materials and slimmed-down products.

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Without neglecting to consider re-use solutions. A resounding success. With 3, Our mission is to inspire a life of beauty and culture. This is the basis for our goal of achieving Quantis helps hundreds of companies devise and implement sustainability models. How are packaging companies positioned compared to other sectors?

We do work with suppliers but we are consulted A new variation on eco-designed paper, the Gmund Bio Cycle collection joins the well-stocked eco-friendly ranges of the Bavarian papermaker.

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We are already familiar with the Gmund No Color No After body ranges and face products, Seed are focusing on hair care for this new year. A market where until now high-end did not necessarily mean natural… In under ten In this all-natural zeitgeist, solid cosmetics are increasingly winning the hearts of consumers. Organic and urban, unisex but ultra-targeted, the Parisian brand is celebrating its 10th birthday this year. A distinctive approach to sustainable cosmetics.

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Absolution could have merely been An annual trade show entirely dedicated to one unique field is an interesting initiative. As Chairman of Freed from their plastic film, packs and sheaths become more recyclable without losing any A design that meets both business and environmental imperatives. With their This represents a huge challenge, VPF has added a new adhesive-coated labelstock to its product portfolio.

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Luxe Pack has unveiled Edition Speciale, a new event debuting in Paris. Luxe Pack, a leading trade show for luxury packaging players, has launched a new event in Paris in order to better cater to the number of high end packaging players The InfoPro Group will be launching the event in June Two days including one late-night opening entirely dedicated to luxury packaging for perfumes, cosmetics, wines, spirits, jewellery, chocolate and fashion, right in the heart of the French capital: here is Elidose: a tribute to an ever-virtuous supply chain After winning fame with the Eye Tea Bag it designed for Cha Ling, the single-portion sachet specialist is launching a low-aluminium sachet with Amcor.

MPO: yes to recycling, but in a closed, local circuit! Et pas que. Wrapology bets on monomaterial packaging This June 5th on World Environment Day, Wrapology will launch I Am Sustainable, a new range of completely ecodesigned products.

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The figurehead - Picture of HMS Trincomalee, Hartlepool

At Sparflex, Absolute Green Line is gaining ground The Absolute Green Line range of alternative foils and capsules is already going down well with several leading wine houses, such as Gosset, Charles Heidsieck and Leclerc Biran, the last Gainerie 91 puts collaborative manufacturing at the core of its care for the environment. Convert your CO2 kilos into environment credits with Procos In partnership with ClimatePartner, the luxury paper bags manufacturer adopts the Carbon Neutral Printing approach.

Cofatech: objective zero aluminium The Loudun based company specialising in single-dose cosmetics is launching MetaLight in partnership with ACS and Amcor: an aluminium-free complex that ensures the barrier properties of sachets remain intact. Navigation The structure of the Dauphine The structure of the Aimable Grenot The wood of the Aimable Deck beams Lower deck ports The figurehead of the Aimable Grenot Ballast Rigging for the two ships The shipwright Theory and practice Several sculpted pieces of pine and alder were found, broken, at the very front of the ship.

Associated media. A sculpted fragment.

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Cleaning of the sculpted fragment. Fragment of a three-cornered hat.

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Sketch of the sculpted fragment. Figurehead with a three-cornered hat. By continuing your visit to this website, you accept the use of cookies. Find out more Close this window.

The Figurehead The Figurehead
The Figurehead The Figurehead
The Figurehead The Figurehead
The Figurehead The Figurehead
The Figurehead The Figurehead
The Figurehead The Figurehead
The Figurehead The Figurehead
The Figurehead The Figurehead
The Figurehead

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