Wireless Optical Communication Systems

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The author provides a unifying framework for signalling design which allows the channel constraints to be represented geometrically and permits the use of modem design principles from electrical channels. Modulation schemes are designed using the formalism of lattice codes and a design process for signalling sets is specified. The basic spatio-temporal modem design problem is specified and a spatial multiplexing gain is quantified. New spatial discrete multitone modulation is proposed and the unique features are discussed.

Based on measurements on an experimental prototype, a channel model is formulated and a realizable spatio-temporal coding scheme is simulated to quantify performance gains. This volume is organized for professional and academic readers engaged in modem design for wireless optical intensity channels. Significant background material is presented on both the properties as well as on fundamental communications principles. Wireless Optical Communication Systems can be used by physicists and experimentalists as an introduction to signalling design as well as communication systems designers.

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Wireless in-house communication via diffuseinfrared radiation. Wireless Infrared Communications. Otte , L.

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Low-Power WirelessInfrared Communications. PhD thesis, Dept. Engineering,University of Toronto, This paper provides a comprehensive and exhaustive survey of the state-of-the-art in underwater OWC research, with a focus on channel characterization, modulation, and coding techniques, together with practical implementations. Li, R.

Zhang, and L. This paper presents first a survey on the user-centric design and optimization of VLC networks and offers some design guidelines for these networks. Chowhury, M. Hossain, A.

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Islam, and Y. It highlights the similarities and differences among these different promising optical wireless technologies and contrasts these technologies with corresponding similar existing RF technologies. Navidpour, M. Uysal, and M. This paper investigates the bit error rate of free-space optical communications with spatial diversity under log-normal atmospheric turbulence and quantifies the effect of spatial diversity and possible spatial correlations in a log-normal channel. Tsiftsis, H. Sandalidis, G. Karagiannidis, and M.

This paper investigates the error rate of free-space optical communication systems for K-distributed atmospheric turbulence channels and presents approximated closed-form expressions for the average bit-error rate of single-input multiple-output systems. Bayaki, R. Schober, and R.

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This paper provides a fast and accurate way to evaluate the pairwise error probabilities of single-input single-output and multiple-input multiple-output free-space optical systems in Gamma-Gamma fading channels. It also provide simple closed-form expressions for the diversity gain and the combining gain for repetition coding and equal gain combining or maximal ratio combining.

Niu, J. Cheng, and J. This paper presents a detailed analysis and comparison for coherent and subcarrier-intensity-modulation-based OWC systems in terms of error rate over weak-to-strong Gamma-Gamma distributed turbulence conditions. It also derives error rate expressions for maximum ratio combining, equal gain combining, and selection combining schemes.


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Ansari, F. Yilmaz, and M. This paper derives closed-form expressions for the outage probability, error rate, and ergodic capacity of OWC using M-ary modulation schemes. Aghajanzadeh and M. This paper studies the diversity-multiplexing trade-off in coherent OWC with multiple receivers, and considers the performance gains of deploying multiple receive apertures and phase compensation techniques. Sapenov, A.

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Chaaban, Z. Rezki, M. Abdallah, K. Qaraqe, and M. This paper characterizes the maximal diversity order of multiple-input multiple-output Gaussian OWC channels, from the outage probability and error probability perspectives. This paper comments on practical limitations of photon counting due to code implementation. Safari and M. This paper studies relay-assisted free-space optical communications with amplify-and-forward and decode-and-forward modes as a means to mitigate outage probability due to atmospheric turbulence induced fading. Xu, A. Khalighi, P. This paper studies exploiting temporal diversity via coding and interleaving to combat the effect of atmospheric turbulence in OWC.

This paper presents aspects of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing OFDM that are important in optical communication applications, and outlines new forms of OFDM which have been developed for such applications. Khalighi, N. Schwartz, N. Aitamer, and S. This paper studies the improvement in error rate and outage capacity due to aperture averaging and diversity combining in OWC. Zeng, D. O'Brien, H.

Modulation Techniques

Minh, G. Faulkner, K. Lee, D. Jung, Y. Oh, and E. Pierce, E. Posner, and E.

Wireless Optical Communication Systems Wireless Optical Communication Systems
Wireless Optical Communication Systems Wireless Optical Communication Systems
Wireless Optical Communication Systems Wireless Optical Communication Systems
Wireless Optical Communication Systems Wireless Optical Communication Systems
Wireless Optical Communication Systems Wireless Optical Communication Systems
Wireless Optical Communication Systems Wireless Optical Communication Systems
Wireless Optical Communication Systems Wireless Optical Communication Systems

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